We at Guildford Events are here to help you create a “party to remember.”  With our resources we can adapt to your needs and guide you  to your “ultimate” event.

No party is too big or too small. A family gathering can be made into a cherished occasion with our flare and passion for good food.


Over the years we have gathered an array of wonderful support, sourced locally, if possible, to avoid the carbon footprint. With our resources, we can provide you with an amazing lighting show or ask one of our chefs to create paella at your home using fresh lobster with home ingredients; nothing is too small or too large as we endeavour to please.


Themed events are fun and can make a party. With our wonderful creative fancy dress hire and prop companies we can transform your venue into something very special.

Guildford Events was very proud to be asked by Chelsea FC and London United to help organise the first London Community football tournament for the London 2018 World cup bid.  For more pictures please look at our gallery and blog.